Madeline "Maddie" Van Pelt was one of the main characters in Every Witch Way and the main antagonist in Season 1. She is the former leader of the Panthers, the queen of pink smoothies, the former most popular girl in school, and also a witch. With her two best friends, Katie and Sophie, by her side there's nothing this girl can't handle! Her boyfriend is Diego Rueda, since Season 2 of Every Witch Way. In Season 1 of Jemma's Child, she and Diego are married.

Maddie was portrayed by Paris Smith in Every Witch Way.

History Edit

In Season 1 of Every Witch Way : Jemma's Child, Maddie is married to Diego and they have a little witch April. In Witchnapped! Liana and April are kidnapped by a witch that are looking for Emma and Maddie. When Maddie finds out their gone, she starts crying and they go to look for them. In Into You, April comes to give Maddie back her powers after the evil witch stole them from her. They then found out that the evil witch was the principal. Maddie and Emma casted a spell and sent her away.